Organising Soil Health Month

12278903_844980648952519_4325288734402444911_nFarmers Welfare and their economic empowerment is always main thrust area of Dhunni Singh Smriti Sewa Samiti so-called D S Foundation, runed by Aditi Singh who is daughter of renowned leader and MLA Shri Akhilesh Kumar Singh. To accomplish her father’s vision of holistic development of rural farmer in District several development programs has being organised under the banner of D S Foundation.

This time to promote healthy Agri-Eco system and to create a system whatever farmer’s can get maximum return with minimum investment, Foundation is organisig “Soil Health Month”. Main purpose to organise it is to create awareness in regard to know the accurate health of his/her soil so that farmers can arrange or provide chemical fertiliser in correct manner because always farmer use to chemical fertiliser in a very blindly which gives it lot of economic burden and soil also get affected from the chemical fertiliser.